Ahrefs vs. Moz: Which is the Best Domain Authority Checker?

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    Ahrefs VS Moz Which is the Best Domain Checker

    Ahrefs vs Moz: Which is the best domain authority checker?

    To help you choose between Ahrefs and Moz as your domain authority checker, we asked SEO specialists and content marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From Ahrefs having the edge with its visuals and trend tracking to each tool answering different needs and preferences, there are several areas of comparison that are highlighted to help you decide on either Ahrefs or Moz as the domain authority checker that would best serve your needs.

    Here are 10 comparisons these professionals highlighted regarding Ahrefs and Moz as domain authority checkers:

    • Ahrefs Has the Edge With its Visuals and Trend Tracking
    • Ahrefs Tops in Keyword Research
    • Ahrefs Has More Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Database of Backlinks
    • Ahrefs is More User-Friendly
    • Both Have Strengths in Different Areas
    • Ahrefs Outweighs Moz in Everyday Tasks and Easy-to-Use Features
    • Ahrefs is Overall More Intuitive
    • Moz Calculates DA Score Based on Real-Time Search Performance
    • Ahrefs Delivers Data for 10 Search Engines While Moz Gives Findings for Only Google
    • Each Answers Different Needs and Preferences

    Ahrefs Has the Edge With its Visuals and Trend Tracking

    Part of the benefit of visuals is they allow you more clearly identify trends, and this is the major advantage that Ahrefs has over Moz when it comes to their domain authority checkers. Having a value represented by a number means little if there is no context provided for comparison, which basically means that while it may give you a general idea, it does not allow you to see growth, declines, or potential.

    Ahrefs’ ability to present its information in graphs, allows its viewer to see the progress of a domain, where it may be going, and how to apply it to a link building strategy, whereas Moz simply presents its rank. In addition, Ahrefs' Position Explorer allows for a comprehensive look at not only the domain, but the subdomain, which Moz does not offer. If you are looking for a domain authority checker that provides a full understanding of past and current status, as well as future trends, the Ahrefs stands head and shoulders above Moz.

    Anthony Puopolo, Rex MD

    Ahrefs Tops in Keyword Research

    Ahrefs beats out Moz in it's keyword research abilities. This is because it hasn't given up on using multiple search engines Google is the most popular search engine, and it is where most anyone looking to generate traffic wants to place highly on. That said, other search engines do exist and are used daily, if to a lesser extend individually, when compared to Google.

    Moz's keyword search is based only on google data, as compared to Ahrefs which uses ten unique search engines data.

    For anyone focused purely on Google, that difference is negligible but for everyone else, having multiple points of comparison can help improve the overall keyword performance of your digital content. Ahrefs is the winner as far as keyword research by a large margin.

    Boye Fajinmi
    Boye FajinmiCo-Founder & President , TheFutureParty

    Ahrefs Has More Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Database of Backlinks

    In my opinion, Ahrefs is the best domain authority checker because it has the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of backlinks. It also has a number of other features that make it indispensable for SEO professionals, such as its ability to track competitor websites and monitor your own website's SEO progress over time.

    Moz is also a very good domain authority checker, but it doesn't have quite as many features as Ahrefs and its database of backlinks is not always as up-to-date. However, Moz does offer some useful features that Ahrefs doesn't have, such as its "Domain Comparison" tool which allows you to compare up to five domains at a time.

    Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

    Ahrefs is More User-Friendly

    Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of analytics will do well with Ahrefs. The toolbar that allows you to organize the data better is an enormous benefit. You want to find out where your backlinks are, but you don’t want to clutter your results with repeat entries and websites with sub-10 domain ratings. You can eliminate “nofollow” backlinks easily. You can provide a DR range to eliminate the lower-rated websites. You can organize them from newest to oldest. And it’s all incredibly easy to navigate. Ahrefs has a dashboard that’s easy to use and very rarely do I find a backlink that doesn’t show up on Ahrefs first. It’s a great product.

    Trevor Ford
    Trevor FordHead of Growth, Yotta

    Both Have Strengths in Different Areas

    I'd prefer to keep my response as brief as possible. I understand that each instrument has its own audit part that determines DA for Moz and DR for Ahrefs. Backlinks from referring domains are the only thing in common. The more high-quality links you obtain for your website, the higher your DA and DR are likely to rise. I tested both programmes and noticed that MOZ retrieves backlinks much later than Ahrefs.

    Samantha Odo
    Samantha OdoReal Estate Expert & Chief Operating Officer at Precondo, Precondo

    Ahrefs Outweighs Moz in Everyday Tasks and Easy-to-Use Features

    Both Ahrefs and Moz are great tools for assessing the overall domain authority of a website. I believe Ahrefs is better at measuring how many unique domains link back to the target page - which can give you some insight into how trusted/useful that particular URL may actually be, including some graphs to show the progress!

    Moz does this too, but its main difference is taking into account other essential variables such as spam and domain age, which is one big advantage over Ahrefs.

    At our company, we opt for Ahrefs, it's great for everyday tasks, with a clear interface and easy-to-use features. However, we keep using Moz to check the other variables as well.

    Maria Harutyunyan
    Maria HarutyunyanCo-Founder , Loopex Digital

    Ahrefs is Overall More Intuitive

    In the past I used Moz, but when I first tried AHREFS I was amazed at how more intuitive the platform was. It has a lot more detail (especially around competitive factors with domains) and (compared to Moz) it makes it very easy to know which keywords to target first ensuring you get traffic more quickly. One of the best features is its approach to keyword difficulty scoring. Both tools will tell you how hard it will be to rank for a specific keyword but AHREFS tells you how many backlinks you will need to rank for it in the top 10 search results which really helps You decide how to focus your resources to get quick wins. All in all I think AHREFS is streets ahead of Moz.

    Shane McEvoy
    Shane McEvoyMD, Flycast Media

    Moz Calculates DA Score Based on Real-Time Search Performance

    I think that Moz is the best domain authority checker for one big reason. Unlike Ahrefs, Moz calculates a website's DA score based on the real-time search performance of your domain on Google. So, in Moz you will see the exact domain authority score that you have on Google. Remember, it doesn’t matter what domain authority and other search metrics your SEO tool shows to you, until your website ranks low on Google. The SEO game, after all, is about proving to Google that your website is worth a high search position.

    Lyaisan Gayazetdinova, Icons8

    Ahrefs Delivers Data for 10 Search Engines While Moz Gives Findings for Only Google

    I'd say while Moz only gives keyword research findings for Google, Ahrefs delivers data for ten distinct search engines. Its domain analysis methods are more user-friendly and extensive, including organic traffic and traffic quality estimations that Moz does not provide.

    I think that its link overlap function supports more domains than Moz's counterpart since it utilizes more SE for optimized keyword accuracy. Furthermore, Ahrefs' customer assistance is more thorough and simpler to use than Moz's.

    It's crucial to note that Ahrefs is a superior tool for spotting broken links on a website - both inbound and outbound - permitting you to deal with more domains. You can also deal with huge quantities of domains in Ahrefs once you validate them.

    Danny Trichter
    Danny TrichterCEO, Accessibility Checker

    Each Answers Different Needs and Preferences

    The answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. If you're looking for a free, easy-to-use tool that works well with Google Analytics, Moz is probably your best bet. Moz has been around longer than Ahrefs and has more features, databases, and integrations than Ahrefs.

    If you're looking for a more comprehensive platform that takes into account links from other websites (particularly social media), Ahrefs will be an excellent choice. It's also worth noting that Ahrefs offers the option to connect with Facebook Insights and Twitter Data Explorer—two tools that are not included in Moz—so you can see how your content performs across multiple channels.

    Carlos Rosado
    Carlos RosadoDirector of SEO , Integrated Digital Strategies

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