What Are Creative Ways to Repurpose Content for Extended Reach?

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    What Are Creative Ways to Repurpose Content for Extended Reach?

    Discovering innovative strategies to give content a new lease of life is key in today's digital landscape, so we've gathered insights from Content Managers and Marketing Strategists. From creating a mini-series to conducting an annual SEO content update, explore the six creative methods these professionals use to enhance the reach and longevity of their content.

    • Create Mini-Series from Content
    • Transform Content Across Platforms
    • Establish a Content-Repurposing Pipeline
    • Segment Videos for Social Media
    • Refresh Content Using Search Data
    • Annual SEO Content Update

    Create Mini-Series from Content

    I've found that creating sets of mini-series that dive into similar content topics is usually more appealing to audiences than one long-form piece of content. Not only is the content more digestible, but you'll also encourage audience members to tune in for the next episode or piece of the series.

    Kara BoatnerContent Manager, Sock Club

    Transform Content Across Platforms

    There are so many ways to repurpose an existing piece of content. For example, a blog post can become 3-5 LinkedIn posts, 10 tweets, material for a podcast guest interview, an infographic, emails to share with your subscribers, and a video script — to name a few.

    When people think about repurposing, they often think of long-form content that is turned into smaller bite-sized pieces. But it can also go both ways: you can expand on an idea when there's a demand for it.

    That said, I'd say one of the most creative ways I've repurposed my content was when I turned my content agency's style guide into a bestselling book ('Writing for Humans and Robots').

    The style guide started out as an attempt to clone myself and scale content creation, moving from being a freelance writer to the CEO and founder of my agency, The Blogsmith. Codifying the ideas in my head into a consistent process allowed me to produce work I can stand behind, even if I didn't write or edit it myself.

    Maddy Osman
    Maddy OsmanFounder, SEO Content Strategist, The Blogsmith

    Establish a Content-Repurposing Pipeline

    We established a content-repurposing pipeline. This tends to start with a blog post, which then becomes a podcast episode, and finally, TikTok/Reel clips. To extend this further, I take ideas from our existing content and turn them into LinkedIn posts for my colleagues to share. I consider different personas when creating these post captions to ensure that the content doesn't appear identical and is a suitable tone of voice for different members of my organization!

    Emily Neal
    Emily NealSEO and Content Specialist, DSMN8

    Segment Videos for Social Media

    We recently launched our first interview video, where one of our project managers answered questions about Drupal support. Instead of just keeping the video on YouTube, we decided to splice the video into sections and upload them twice a month on our socials, linking back to the full video in the caption. This way, we got six videos out of one recording and can keep it in front of our audience for 12 weeks!

    Veniz Guzman
    Veniz GuzmanSEO Expert & Content Strategist, Promet Source

    Refresh Content Using Search Data

    My advice is to go back to basics and use your Search Console data to amend the existing content that you have in order to keep it fresh for both users and search engines. It's not a particularly creative or revolutionary approach, but it works!

    Gary Warner
    Gary WarnerMarketing Manager, Joloda Hydaroll

    Annual SEO Content Update

    Each year, we organize existing content for an SEO refresh, whether adding new trends, new content sections, or updating information to be relevant to the current year as opposed to the previous year. This works great for fashion, travel, etc. It makes Google happy and your readers happy, while being non-competitive with content already performing well.

    Garrett Nutgrass
    Garrett NutgrassMarketing Content Strategist, Destify