What are the best minors for marketing majors?

    What is the best minor for marketing majors?

    From Journalism to Consumer psychology, here are 13 answers to the question, What is the best minor for marketing majors?

    • Communications
    • Psychology
    • Business
    • Design
    • A Foreign Language
    • Journalism
    • Creative Writing
    • Sociology
    • Consumer Psychology
    • Business Analytics
    • International Business
    • Economics


    I pursued my degree in business administration with a minor in marketing. I was a natural communicator, so I opted to also get a second minor in communication. I highly recommend it for anyone desiring to enter the workplace and the world of marketing; they go hand in hand, yet communication is so much broader. The two allow multiple tracks and different directions one could go, from book/magazine publishing to blogging and social media. I began in the advertising agency world and am grateful for the experience and all it taught me, but my two minors opened up more doors and opportunities than I could have imagined, like being a published author of nine books!

    Lorraine Bossé-Smith
    Lorraine Bossé-SmithChief Solutions Officer, Concept One LLC


    Psychology is an excellent minor to pair with a marketing major. Psychology provides valuable insights into consumer behavior, which can be highly beneficial for marketing research and strategy. Psychology classes often cover topics such as cognitive processes, memory, motivation, and emotion-all which can be utilized when engaging customers, understanding why they take certain actions or making decisions about which strategies should be used in a specific campaign. A minor in Psychology can help a marketing major gain an understanding of how people think and behave, helping them make well-informed business decisions and better connect with their target audiences.

    Antreas Koutis
    Antreas KoutisAdministrative Manager, Financer


    Marketing professionals usually have a certain flair. You're probably a great presenter and/or a great writer, so people who enter the marketing realm have some creativity and raw talent. That's the case for almost everyone who pursues marketing as a career. Some people may assume - rightly or wrongly - that a marketing professional relies more on that creative talent and not the business intellect that someone who majored in economics, accounting, or finance might have. If you attain a business minor, that could alleviate some of those doubts from hiring managers. Business minors have to take challenging courses related to financial accounting, business management, and statistics. That could make your resume look more impressive to recruiters.

    Brittany Dolin
    Brittany DolinCo-Founder, Pocketbook Agency


    An excellent minor for anyone interested in marketing is graphic design. With the rise of digital marketing, it is essential to know the basics of a website and social designs that will resonate with any audience. There will be countless times that you will need to be able to create graphics for marketing, so this is an important skill to have!

    Diane Howard
    Diane HowardRN and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

    A Foreign Language

    For marketing students looking to broaden their job market appeal, learning a foreign language is an excellent minor. Foreign language skills may not only give a CV more substance, but it can also aid marketing majors in understanding global marketplaces and the people that inhabit them. Foreign language instruction also helps students improve their writing and verbal communication abilities, which are prerequisites for most marketing careers. Global language skills give graduates a competitive advantage whether they apply to multinational corporations, businesses engaged in foreign company growth projects, or businesses offering multilingual consumer services. All things considered, having a minor in a foreign language gives marketing majors a distinct advantage over those who simply have communication or a closely related specialty.

    Jim Campbell
    Jim CampbellOwner, Camp Media


    I graduated with a degree in journalism, with a minor in marketing. The two industries work very closely together, and it was beneficial to learn about both sides. You won't find a better path to writing, both in a creative sense and copywriting, than journalism. So much of marketing is in writing, and journalism provides an excellent avenue for learning the craft. Marketing is all about connections and getting your products, services, or business in front of others. Journalism plays a huge role in that, and I've turned to many journalists whom I formerly worked with or went to school with to showcase our products to their editorial boards with success.

    Seth Newman
    Seth NewmanDirector, SportingSmiles

    Creative Writing

    A minor in creative writing can be a great complement to a marketing degree. Students of this minor learn to develop their writing skills and improve their ability to express themselves through words. Creative writing classes help students develop their storytelling, well-rounded thinking, and communication skills, which can be applied to many aspects of marketing, from creating compelling ads to developing brand narratives. In general, a creative writing minor can provide students with a unique perspective, which can be valuable in the competitive job market.

    Kate Wojewoda-Celinska
    Kate Wojewoda-CelinskaMarketing Manager, Spacelift


    Most marketing majors will choose a minor in the business or finance sector -- and that's exactly why you should choose a sociology minor instead. Setting yourself apart with a social science degree will make hiring managers look twice at your resume. It's good to be different. And sociology is an ideal choice because the field of marketing has become holistic in the last decade. It's no longer about convincing the public to buy a product; rather, it's about incorporating your brand into their lifestyle. This means understanding why and how groups behave the way they do, so you can develop a promotional plan that targets everyone from Gen Z to boomers.

    Rob Reeves
    Rob ReevesCEO and President, Redfish Technology

    Consumer Psychology

    If there's one minor that will truly support your marketing major and give you an edge, it's consumer psychology. The depth of knowledge and insights you gain about consumer behavior are invaluable in the field of marketing. When you can develop the skills to understand the needs of your consumer, you are less likely to waste resources and come up with an effective plan of action while working on campaigns in your career. Moreover, it gives you a strong foundation and understanding of consumer dynamics to build a business of your own if and when you decide to do so.

    Ashley  DeJesus
    Ashley DeJesusMarketing Manager, AIS Network

    Business Analytics

    Business analytics deals with the computational, quantitative, and statistical evaluation of business data. This enables experts to forecast the future success of their organizations and better comprehend their existing performance. You might be able to make wiser business decisions if you earn this minor. You can gain an advantage over the competition in practically any professional route by minoring in business analytics. Due to the expanding availability of data in today's environment, professionals with the skills to comprehend and use that data to make business decisions can find employment possibilities in practically every sector.

    David reid
    David reidSales Director, VEM-Tooling Co. Ltd.

    International Business

    Many businesses nowadays are going global to reach clients and expand their outreach, and even workforce. Thus, a minor in international business can help marketing majors learn the marketing strategies that work on a global scale. International business courses touch on emerging markets, economics, international finance, operations management, and global trade. IB minors also gain cultural communication experience for marketing in a variety of foreign languages.

    Dakota McDaniels
    Dakota McDanielsChief Product Officer, Pluto


    Understanding economics is at the heart of establishing customer needs, motivations, and challenges while attempting to satisfy those needs. Taking economics as a minor ensures that you learn more about people's spending habits, behavioral economics, and the effect of the general economy on how people approach their spending. This knowledge makes you a better marketing major who can dive into the consumer's mind and empathize with them, thus creating marketing campaigns and tailoring offers they can't ignore.

    Scott Krager
    Scott KragerFounder, Key Fob Replacement

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