What Content Has Performed Exceptionally Well for a Marketing Manager?

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    What Content Has Performed Exceptionally Well for a Marketing Manager?

    We've gathered insights from Content Strategists and Marketing Directors to uncover the secrets behind their most successful content pieces. From a simplified plant care guide that captivated green thumbs to a private jet flying guide that empowered luxury travelers, discover the top four examples of content that truly resonated with audiences.

    • Simplified Plant Care Guide Wins Audience
    • Innovative Legal Blogging Ideas Engage Readers
    • Relatable Running Plateau Series Encourages Engagement
    • Private Jet Flying Guide Empowers New Clients

    Simplified Plant Care Guide Wins Audience

    I wrote a blog on how to care for a string-of-hearts plant. It was a ridiculously long-tail keyword, and it wasn't written with the intention of attracting traffic; more for educating existing customers with a low level of confidence and knowledge in plant care. It was simple, short, fewer than 300 words, and ended up getting to the first position in Google search and staying there for years. It drove thousands of organic visitors to the site each month.

    It resonated with the audience because it wasn't written in technical language and included easy-to-remember steps, as well as the reasoning behind why each step was necessary. Most people who own plants don't think of themselves as experts and are looking for easy-to-follow instructions on their new purchase, so this simple guide was the perfect solution in a lot of cases.

    Claire Ransom
    Claire RansomFounder, SEO and content strategy agency, Aloha Life Digital

    Innovative Legal Blogging Ideas Engage Readers

    One of our blogs, '9 Relevant Ideas for Writing Legal Articles for Your Law Firm,' has performed exceedingly well, surpassing our expectations in terms of engagement and shares. The success of this blog can be attributed to its unique approach to a niche yet vital topic within the legal community. We tapped into the common struggle of legal professionals to find fresh angles for their articles, offering creative ideas, research tips, and structuring strategies that were both innovative and practical. By addressing a specific pain point and providing actionable solutions, the blog resonated deeply with legal writers, law students, and professionals looking to enhance their thought leadership and online presence. The content was not only informative but also inspiring, encouraging readers to approach legal writing with a new perspective. Its success underscored the importance of understanding and addressing the specific needs of your audience, proving that well-targeted and thoughtfully crafted content can achieve remarkable results.

    Bhavik Sarkhedi
    Bhavik SarkhediGrowth Head & CMO, Content Whale

    Relatable Running Plateau Series Encourages Engagement

    As a UESCA-certified running coach who also strategizes content for my coaching business, an example of content that performed exceptionally well was a blog post series I created on "Overcoming Common Running Plateaus." This series resonated deeply with my audience as it addressed a universal challenge that many runners face, providing actionable advice and encouragement.

    The reason it performed so well was its relatability and practicality. Each post in the series tackled a different aspect of running plateaus, from the physical to the psychological, and offered tailored training adjustments, recovery techniques, and motivational strategies. The content struck a chord with readers because it acknowledged their struggles and provided a clear path forward.

    Additionally, the series encouraged reader engagement by asking for personal stories and tips in the comments section, which fostered a sense of community and shared experience. This interactive element helped amplify the content's reach and impact, making it one of the most successful pieces on my site.

    Joshua Bartlett
    Joshua BartlettRunning Coach, Your Next Run

    Private Jet Flying Guide Empowers New Clients

    As a private jet charter broker, an example of content that performed exceptionally well for us was a detailed guide titled "The Ultimate Checklist for First-Time Private Jet Flyers." This piece resonated deeply with our audience because it directly addressed common uncertainties and questions new clients often have about private air travel. By providing clear, comprehensive information and insider tips, we not only demystified the process but also empowered readers to make informed decisions. The content's success lay in its ability to connect with the specific needs and curiosities of our target market, showcasing our expertise and commitment to client education. Its utility and relevance led to high engagement rates, shares, and an increase in inquiries from potential first-time flyers.

    Fahd Khan
    Fahd KhanDirector of Marketing & Technology, JetLevel Aviation